The European Cancer Conference & European Society for Medical Oncology Congress (ESMO) 2015 in Vienna


To talk about Cancer is also easy, but unfortunately is always painful. Cancer is known as the disease of the XXI century, the one unwanted and unmerciful disease. With no proven cure, except for the surgeries, Cancer is facing an entire world working hard to eradicate it. It is very possible that in the next century, this disease to be a fading memory. But until that point, every doctor is looking for finding a cure for Cancer.

European Society for Medical Oncology Congress Vienna 2015 is a necessary meeting for those involved in scientific work, related to Cancer.

Oncology is providing enough room for discussions, plenty of clinical examples and so many final cures. Because, in the end, is all about the cure. The patient should come in the Oncology section with a smile on his face, not with fear. It is in everyone’s hearts the wish of seeing each patient leaving the Oncology section cured and healthy. The cancer, in its many and various forms, represents a constant struggle for the doctors and scientists. It is always something new, something unexpected and something that will make your heart cry.

The whole world is fighting against cancer. The whole world is working together for finding a cure. The whole world is creating so many associations for offering the infrastructure needed for experiments and scientific procedures to pave the path towards a different world, a healthy world.

European Society for Medical Oncology Congress Vienna 2015 is gathering under a single roof so many professionals, doctors and pharmaceutical representatives. The participants have extensive knowledge about this awful disease, and plenty of them accepted to speak in front of you about their discoveries and their experiences. As a listener, you should find out the answers to your questions, even though there are still so many questions without an answer.