5 Habits that will Boost the Productivity of Event Planners Out There

Habits make us who we are. Good habits are powerful enough to lead to success while bad ones will lead to failure. It’s hard to determine which habits to take on because people are different and work in different ways. However, there are some things that have turned out to be of use to a large number of people and those are what we’ll be focusing on in this blog post. Event planners out there need a helping hand and it might come from the habits that they’ve formed and that guide them every day.


Here’s a list of 5 good habits for event organisers:

First things first. Prioritise & Delegate

This habit has to do with learning to prioritise and working on the most important things first. Multitasking is not the solution. Prioritisation is. Event organisers are busy people who have a lot on their plate every day and very limited time. To make things even more challenging, what they prioritise in the morning might change during the afternoon due to an unexpected crisis (ticket sales are down, metrics don’t look good, etc). Therefore, in order to be able to focus on the list with priorities, you need to delegate challenges to other departments – marketing for ticket sales, catering supplier for low results at customer satisfaction surveys and so on.


Take Breaks to Reflect and Relax

Did you know that being an event planner is among the top ten most stressful jobs? This should be enough of a reason for you to take regular breaks, exchange ideas with other people and relax. Plus, breaks boost creativity and prevent you from undergoing an information overload crisis that would impact your entire process of organising and getting things done.


Stay On Top of The Latest Trends

This habit has to do with allocating about 30 minutes to reading industry news and blogs every morning. That will put you one step ahead of the game, help you understand what the competitors are doing and give you ideas for future events. In this industry, the ones with the highest levels of creativity create unforgettable experiences. Reading and inspiring yourself from different sources will help you achieve just that.


Make use of the 80/20 rule

The 80/20 rule has to deal with the fact that 80% of our output comes from only 20% of our input. Otherwise put, if you learn to focus your energy into the meaningful tasks at hand, you will achieve more, faster and in an effective manner. Analyse your workload and determine what drives the biggest impact on your event’s success. Prioritize those tasks, start with what has the most impact and try not to dwell upon the small stuff for too long.


Create a Roadmap for the Whole Team

This has to do with everyone in your team knowing what they and the other members are working on so that less things catch them off guard. The roadmap should include key dates for everyone on your team with the purpose of reminding team members when they have a deadline coming up. To track the progress, recurring meetings should be set in place. You might also want to try using the Agile Scrum approach with daily standup meetings that don’t last longer than 10 minutes but give an overview of the entire team.
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