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5 Successful Tips to Promote Your Conference

This article is brought to you by Congress Bookers, a reliable accommodation partner for lead pharma companies worldwide.

If you wanted to promote a conference or an event 15-20 years ago, you would rely heavily on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and word-of-mouth. Offline media ruled and actually worked…until online media took over.

If you want to promote an event today, you’ll need to be your your audience is and that’s mostly online. Everyone owns a smartphone and is at least on one social media platform. The good part is that you can reach out to a larger number of potential attendees. The bad part is that another 100 conference organizers are trying to get to them first.

We’ve put together this blog post to help you with promoting your conference by analysing 5 ways in which you can reach your target audience. All of them combined should result in higher attendance rates.


Start early

Start planning and promoting your conference as soon as you have set the date. You will add details (like avenue, speakers, topics, etc) as time goes by and things begin to settle. The truth is that attendees need time to prepare for a conference. An early promotion gives them more exposure to the event and more time. Also, you can include early bird tickets to boost early registrations that usually work pretty well.


Use Social Media

As mentioned in the introduction, you’ll need to be where your potential audience is and social media is one of those places. Through social media platforms, you can communicate with people who would be interested in your conference.

On Facebook, you can create an event and then promote it. This will help the conference gain a lot of traction among those interested to attend. You can also partner with relevant influencers and ask them to share your event or/ and write a few lines about it for their friends and followers.

Create a conference registration page that’s easy to read and to navigate so that when people get on the page they immediately understand the actions they need to take to register – make sure you include a minimum number of registration steps if you don’t want visitors to get tangled and leave the page.

Use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. On Twitter, hashtags not only help promote your conference but they help attendees network and share with each other even after the conference is over. Good conference hashtags are short and include the conference year.

Don’t shy away from paid social media. This is a very effective way to target people in your industry. Use targeted ads to promote to your industry with links directly to the registration page.


Blog about it

Every time you have something new, blog about it and share the news on social media. Also, ask speakers to write a post about their sessions and give a sneak preview of what they’ll be discussing. This way they get more attendees interested in their session, and you get free content to drive ticket sales.


Use good old email newsletters

Many see email campaigns as going out of fashion but the truth is they still work pretty well. Some great tools that can help you with this are: Campaign Monitor, MailChimp and Active Campaign. Each lets you send to an uploaded list of recipients, track the open rates and manage subscribing and unsubscribing.

Potential and registered attendees need to learn new fresh information about your event. Emails for early bird closing, new speaker announcements or activities in the event location keep them engaged.


Don’t forget about post-conference activities

The truth is that, when you have a recurring event, it’s never over. You have to undertake promo activities prior to the event but also to let fans, speakers, attendees know how great everything went. Post-event interviews, videos, pictures, “thank you for attending” emails work really well.

It’s really important to go out there and show the whole world how amazing everything was so that those who have missed it, come next year and those who came, feel proud that they did.

Last but not least, put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Write what you’d like to know if you were thinking of attending a certain conference, never be a stranger, always be there.


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3 Big Challenges/ Issues Facing the MICE Industry

This article is brought to you by Congress Bookers, a reliable accommodation partner for lead pharma companies worldwide.

miceThe MICE – Meetings, Incentive, Conferences and Exhibitions – industry, however, is one of the main drivers within the tourism industry and has witnessed important growth over the past years. As the demand for meetings, incentives, congresses and events is on the rise, the MICE sector’s future looks bright. However, as things grow, challenges arise. For example, for MICE hotels, one of today’s greatest challenges is retaining a share in the increasingly competitive marketplace and this competitiveness poses issues on every sector of the MICE industry. Some of the biggest challenges are the following:


Virtual Meetings vs. Destination Meetings


Virtual meetings are like the fast food versions of destination meetings. Although the latter are more valuable since they provide engagement opportunities with pertinent topics without any distractions, virtual meetings are appealing because they allow you to attend without having to book a hotel room, get on a plane or leave your office chair. Of course, since they don’t involve booking rooms and buying plane tickets, virtual meetings are oftentimes cheaper than destination meetings. At the end of the day, there is value in both. Sometimes you can’t miss out on the huge networking opportunities during an event and you choose to go there in-person, other times you’re just interested in a topic and attend a virtual conference. However, planning for both and trying to appeal to both types of attendees is something the MICE industry will have to work on and it won’t be an easy task.


Keeping up with Technology


Technology is evolving at an incredibly fast pace and, as this happens, event attendees’ expectations become higher. They want to be able to book hotel rooms, plane tickets, event access with minimum hassle, at the time of their convenience and on the device they’re using.

On the other hand, hotels need to keep up and improve their technologies to streamline communications and logistics with meeting planners and hotel broker companies in order to diminish redundancy and reduce mistakes. Needless to say, Internet access and good Wi-Fi in hotels are a must! (still, many event attendees complain about this regularly).


Managing Accommodation Contracts (oldie but goldie)


This is something that’s very familiar to old industry players. However, for those who are new in the business event sector, negotiating a contract with a hotel or venue is no easy thing. Hotel groups provide different contracts and signing the contract without really understanding what each and every sentence means can be a recipe for a big failure. PCOs and anybody signing venue contracts should read them carefully and if they have any doubts get legal advice before signing them. Also, they should establish their own clauses. An example would have to do with the venue being forbidden to advertise cheaper rooms than the contracted block, over the same period of time, without extending the lower rate to the block.

Some best practices when managing accommodation contracts would be:

  • Thoroughly read and understand contract terms.
  • Be very careful with your expected numbers, as over-inflation is not going to do anyone any good while underestimating the number of rooms may force you to find additional spaces elsewhere.
  • Make sure that room rate protection is included so that you have competitive room rates.
  • Include all financial liabilities in the contract.
  • Maintain a constant communication with all parties involved.


Congress Bookers provides a whole range of services needed to organize a group for a medical congress. On our website, you will find a full list of hotel allotments for the most important medical congresses, regardless of their location. The biggest congresses this year are:

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Since the first IMEX America event in Las Vegas in 2011, the event has constantly increased its size and scope, representing an important scene where exhibitors and buyers can access a wide range of business opportunities.

Event Attendees

Buyers spanning various industry segments

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Exhibitors showcasing their offers

These include both US-based domestic suppliers as well as international tourist offices and convention bureaus, big hotel companies, different conference and exhibition centers, cruise lines, airlines, event management specialists and many more.


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And many more!


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