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Things to do in Berlin during ECTRIMS 2018

The 34th European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis Congress takes place this October (10-13) in Berlin, Germany. We’ve put up a list with accommodation options you can choose from and also worked on this blog article with what you can do while in Berlin. Enjoy!


Spend a day at Museum Island

Situated on the Spree, the Museum Island is a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site comprised of 5 of Berlin’s most important museums: the Altes Museum, Alte National Galerie, Neues Museum, Bode-Museum and the Pergamon Museum.

museum island

The first institution to open was the Altes Museum in 1830, designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel who worked on several Neoclassical monuments around Berlin at that time. The Neues Museum is home to the Egyptian bust of Nefertiti. Opened in 1859, the museum was reopened in 2009 having been wrecked in the war.

The last was the Pergamon Forum from 1930. The spectacular Pergamonmuseum is one of the world’s major archaeological museums. You can see there a partial recreation of the Pergamon Altar (170–159 BC), the two-storey Roman Gate of Miletus (29 metres wide and almost 17 metres high) and the Ishtar Gate of Babylon, dating from the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar (605–563 BC).


Visit Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum

You might not know but the second largest botanical garden in the world (the first one being Kew Gardens in England) was first established as a kitchen garden in 1679. The Botanical Garden in Berlin the evolved from a kitchen garden growing vegetables to a huge place, and in 1879 the Royal Botanical Museum was founded.

botanical garden

The gardens are home to plants that are endangered in their natural habitats and threatened with extinction elsewhere in the world. Must see displays include the giant water lilies, carnivorous plant specimens, flowered vines, rock cliff waterfalls, timber bamboo reaching to the sky, and a carpet of ferns, orchids, and bromeliads.

The Botanical Garden spreads over 43 hectares and houses close to 22,000 plant species. You most likely won’t have time to see everything is one day. To make the most of your time, don’t miss the Great Pavillion, which is currently the largest glass house in the world.


Wine & dine at the Hall of Mirrors in Clärchens Ballhaus

Situated in the side wing of Clärchens Ballhaus, a dancing venue set up in 1913 in Wilhelmine Germany shortly before World War I, this mirrored ballroom still captures the spirit of those long gone days.

hall of mirrors

The place was reopened to the public in 2005, with the interior largely untouched and unchanged, offering guests a glimpse at the Golden Twenties in Berlin when it used to be a authentic dancing venue.

Nowadays the place hosts regular dining events, literary soirées and private events. Most Sunday evenings, you can attend jazz and classical chamber concerts taking place here.

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EHA 2018 and Things to Do while in Stockholm

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“The European Hematology Association (EHA) promotes excellence in patient care, research and education in hematology.”

EHA’s Annual Congress has a program that tackles every subspecialty in hematology and offers attendees the opportunity to network with experts from all corners of the world. Apart from the educational and scientific program that uncovers the latest findings in hematology, the congress also provides attendees with the opportunity to attend satellite programs and to visit the exhibition put together by well-known pharma companies.

The 23rd Congress of EHA will take place in Stockholm between 14-17 June 2018.

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Stockholm at a glance

The name Stockholm comes from the words “stock” meaning “log” and holm meaning “islet.” Stockholm is built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges. Over 70 museums are spread across the city, covering an interesting mix of topics and attractions and showcasing the city’s heritage. On the shortest day, Stockholm’s inhabitants see only six hours of sunlight, while on the longest day they enjoy up to 21 hours.


Gamla Stan


Gamla Stan is where the capital was founded in 1252 and it currently represents one of the best preserved medieval city centres in Europe. In Stockholm’s Old Town, the cobblestone streets are reserved for pedestrians only. Even now cellar vaults and frescoes from the Middle Ages can be found behind the visible facades.

In Gamla Stan, you can visit several churches and museums including Sweden’s national cathedral Stockholm Cathedral and the Nobel Museum. Of course, one of the main attraction is t is the Royal Palace, one of the largest palaces in the world with over 600 rooms. Attending the parade of soldiers and the daily changing of the guard is something you’ll definitely like!




Located on Royal Djurgården, Skansen is the first open-air museum in the world. Its 150 buildings tell Sweden’s story from the past 500 years. Some say that Skansen is Sweden in miniature. Swedish traditions such as Midsummer, Walpurgis Night and Lucia are celebrated at Skansen.

The museum attracts more than 1.3 million visitors each year. One of the top attractions is the full replica of an average 19th-century town. The great part is that you’ll even see craftsmen in traditional dress such a shoemakers, bakers, etc. showcase their skills as if time has stopped.

The open-air zoo boasts a large number of Scandinavian animals including the bison, brown bear, moose, grey seal, lynx, otter, red fox, reindeer, wolf, etc.


The Vasa Museum


This maritime museum in Stockholm is famous worldwide because it is where you can see the warship Vasa, the only almost fully intact 17th century ship in the whole world. The Vasa sank in 1628 in Stockholm and was raised from the seabed 333 years later. The Vasa Museum opened in 1990 and it is said to be the most visited museum in Scandinavia.


The ABBA Museum

This is definitely a must-see for music fans out there. The museum opened in 2013 and is actually an interactive exhibition about the pop band, following its history from folk singers to music icons. The interactive elements include performing on stage with the band and mixing a studio recording.


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All You Need to Know about The European Hematology Association and its Annual Congress

The European Hematology Association (EHA) was founded in Belgium in 1992. For the next 6 years, the Association organised a congress in different European cities every two years. Starting 1998, the congress became an annual event taking place in June. Nowadays, the Association’s executive office is located in the Netherlands, with over 3,200 members from 100 countries.

The educational program of the annual congress is based on the European Hematology Curriculum, the main goal of the Association being to lobby for hematology and promote research that supports hematologists in- and outside Europe.

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The Annual Congress

At the EHA Annual Congress, hematologists and affiliated professionals gain access to original unpublished data and ideas regarding hematological innovation. During the congress, they will be able to improve their knowledge and approach regarding evidence-based diagnosis and treatment diseases related to hematology, access research results on hematologic disorders, gain insight about innovative techniques and diagnostic tools, as well as leverage networking opportunities with other medical professionals, patient groups, medical industry and the media.

Besides a program that covers every subspecialty in hematology, the Annual EHA Congress gives attendees the opportunity to network with experts from across the globe. The congress also provides the opportunity to attend satellite programs, updates-in-hematology and to visit the exhibition put together by big pharmaceutical companies.

Between 22-25 June 2017, the EHA is organizing its annual congress in Madrid, Spain. The program will cover 15 tracks as follows: advocacy track, benign hematology, biology, clinical, early career track, general skills, laboratory diagnosis, lymphoid malignancies and plasma cell disorders, myeloid malignancies, pediatric hematology, personalised medicine, stem cell transplantation and special therapy, thrombosis and hemostasis, transfusion medicine, and translational. For a more detailed breakdown of each track, visit this page on their website.

There are 17 sessions that will be covered during this year’s annual congress: basic science in focus, clinical debate, early career session, education session, hematology-in-focus, joint symposium, laboratory diagnosis workshop, late breaking abstracts, meet-the-expert, molecular hemopoiesis workshop, oral presentation, plenary session, poster session, presidential symposium, satellite symposium, scientific working group, special session.

Make sure you know the key dates and other important information.

In 2018, the annual congress will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, between 14-17 June.

Apart from the annual congress, EHA also hosts other significant events meant to support hematologists and improve patient care.


Educational Events

Throughout the year, EHA organizes educational courses on the latest developments in hematology. These fall under two main categories: hematology tutorials and highlights of past EHA. In 2017, there is a tutorial on Lymphoid Malignancies in Warsaw, Poland, between 17-18 March and one on Laboratory Hematology between 8-9 April in Çanakkale, Turkey.

The Highlights of Past EHA event will take place in Cairo, Egypt, between 14-16 September 2017. This year, EHA-HOPE, short for Highlights of Past EHA, aims to bring the key messages from various fields of hematology of the 22nd Congress of EHA to the Middle East and North Africa.


Scientific Events

The EHA-SWG Scientific Meetings represent a joint collaboration between the EHA Scientific Working Groups (SWGs) and EHA. The meetings aim to provide an innovative format that includes e.g. discussions with patient organizations, regulators and pharma companies.

In 2017, there will be 4 big scientific meetings:

  • The EHA-SWG Scientific Meeting on Rare Lymphomas between 10-12 March, in Barcelona, Spain.
  • The EHA-SWG Scientific Meeting on Aging and Hematology.
  • The EHA-SWG Scientific Meeting on Challenges in the Diagnosis and Management of Myeloproliferative Neoplasms between 12-14 October, 2017.
  • EHA-SWG Scientific Meeting on Shaping the Future of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Therapy between 23-25 November, 2017.

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The European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) Congress Stockholm 2015


The European Association for the Study of Diabetes has a long and strong history and background, dating back in 1965. During the decades passing by, the EASD became The European Association for the Study of Diabetes has a long and strong history and background, dating back in 1965. During the decades passing by, the European Association for the Study of Diabetes became more and more powerful, creating the perfect environment for discovering new method of fighting against Diabetes. As a tradition already, the Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes will put together the greatest minds of the present time, in order to create a new path in searching new and improved solutions against diabetes. During the year, the European Association for the Study of Diabetes is holding several conferences, science training courses, for searching new talents and new minds.
The European Association for the Study of Diabetes Congress Stockholm 2015 represents the annual meeting of the association, for which a new town is being chosen each year. Diversity consists not only in the name of the city, but also in the organization. The participants will find there the information searched for, and the perfect place to present their latest discoveries. Anyone is invited to sustain presentations, seminars, and to discuss in front of the auditorium. Sweden is offering us Stockholm, and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes is offering a great Congress to Stockholm. For those of you who are also looking for a new place to visit and to experience new social behaviors, Stockholm might be the perfect place.
But in the end, you are participating at a Congress where you have the chance of learning something new, something important in your work. You can also meet new people, new treatments, new instruments and new pharmaceutical solutions. Besides that, European Association for the Study of Diabetes is sending a general call through its members, a call to action, a call to work in a close collaboration for making possible new discoveries, new solutions and for discussing all the clinical procedures that were being used with success. This word should be in everyone’s vocabulary, as it is needed in any action you as a doctor, will take.